The smile

picHe entered the house; his mouth stank of alcohol.

“Serve the dinner”, he ordered her.

She served the food quickly.

He flung a disgusted look on her, “Can’t you cook something better, same food. Everyday!”  His loud voices spun her head.

He took the first bite in and out at the same time, “Aak..thuu! What garbage is this?”

He unbuckles his leather belts and started stinging it to her flesh,

“No, please! ”  She begged to him.

“You useless woman. Can’t even cook a good one time meal.” He continued thrashing her, until his wrists hurt and then stormed out of the house once again.

“Mumma,” her six years old son came to her, “Papa is bad. I’ll hit him when I grow up. Promise.”

A smile floated on her brimming eyes and her bloody lips.

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