Teacher’s Tale 2

Stilettos For The Soul

Those were the days when you would blissfully doze off in the cot of your neighbour after a game of ludo with your friend; when your parents would hardly be bothered about what you ate for lunch, knowing well that your friend’s mother would have certainly fed you and you wouldn’t hesitate running to the shop a hundred times and more -buying items for scores of neighbourhood aunts. Those days studying meant loud reading in unison, with not a word registering in the brain and passing an exam meant, well, just that – barely pass marks. And anyone daring to cross the sacred line of 60% would be hailed as a demi-God with hundreds of neighbours, relatives and their neighbours making a beeline to visit the ‘rare human species’. In those days where ordinary people lived ordinary lives – a group of six would sit in the evening hours under…

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