A Girl named Disaster

Here she does it again,Sri; a superb girl with a great sense of humour. Folks be ready for the joy ride..

Sunshine on my tea cup



“ Many, many happy returns of the day Ma!”, Meera squeaked in delight.

“ Yes, from me too!”, Manish echoed his sister.

“ Look Ma, this one is specially for you”. Meera pointed to the three-layered chocolate cake that she was delicately holding in her hands. It was a rich, dark chocolate cake. A pink candle, placed atop the cake effused a light orange glow. A faint perfume of lavender floated about the room. A scented candle perhaps!

“ I too contributed “, shouted Manish. I laughed. This was one habit he wouldn’t give up! He just would never let his elder sibling take away the crown of glory!

“Yes, they both contributed equally”. Their father tried to settle for a truce.

“Aah….just too divine”, I couldn’t help remarking. The cake was certainly beautiful. The number ‘40’ highlighted with white butter-cream frosting was standing out against the rich, brown…

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