Have you ever met a SATAN in your life? No, no I am not talking about your inner demons that we all have in ourselves, believe me that’s perfectly okay. Nor I am talking about your paranormal experiences but I am talking about the real SATAN, the dark forces that you might have encountered once in your life time,sometime, somewhere and that might have added up to one of your bitter experiences.

SATAN is nothing but the power in the wrong hands. Power in negative hands is the dark force that gives birth to SATAN, who believes that they have the supreme power in the world. They believe that they have the right to pick up fights and nobody can challenge their authority. They are powerful enough to whip innocent people and nobody would dare stand against them. They believe that they have the right on other people’s life and they breathe because of their mercy. SATAN may have different shapes and forms. Here I am talking about one of their forms, the “Friend Police”, whose friendliness with common people have left them with the ugliest scars for the life time. They feel that they are authorized to slap anybody irrespective of their ages, gender, crime (They committed one or not is of no concern). For example (a real one!) they have the power to beat the security guard of an office mercilessly just because he told them to move their vehicle from the office entrance and to make way for other vehicles. The poor security guard who was just doing his duty was dragged brutally as his blood soiled the ground (he got wounds all over his body!)Not only this when employees resisted against this injustice, the officer along with his other comrades threatened them of dire consequences. His superiors cited the lame excuse that he had been under depression (really?) as he was being suspended for taking bribery that day. So is this applicable to common people also? Go beat somebody to death and you shall be exempted because you are under depression? Police is for the security of people and not to harass them. Are exploitation and Police becoming synonyms? How are they different from the terrorists? Who’s going to control these dark forces and when? The newspapers are all flooded with their atrocities yet they roam around unregulated, fear free for they are the fear. What can be done about it? As I am writing this I just came across a thought what if any of them reads this blog? Will they harass me too for writing against them?

They might and I am appalled.




16 thoughts on “Enough

  1. This happens every now and then.The condition of the law and order system of this country would not be this poor if only the police force could do their duty honestly without squeezing money from the common people.

    A powerful post…thanks for sharing… 🙂

  2. It’s courageous and right of you Hema to write and share it. Its a relevant problem and a very common one!Sharing about such incidents is a way of expression which can not be curbed . Bravo 🙂

  3. I would say its not ENOUGH. You have poured your heart out Hema on one of the aspects wherein the protector is becoming the terrorist. There are many many more such authorities that are friends of the satan. Keep going, you’ll find more.

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