Inhumanly human


“Why can’t you inform us well in time?” I literarily yelled at my maid. She had taken the sick leave the previous day and she hadn’t informed us in time. So my M-I-L had to do all the chores all alone by herself as I rushed to my office. “It’s too much work load for one person.” I was still ranting on.

Wait a minute; did I just mention “work load” to her? My stupidity echoed into my ears as I perceived her sunburnt face. She was down with fever for past few days and cold and cough showed no mercy on her just like their sister poverty. She has two more houses to work on other than mine and her own. I stared at the dirty utensils, a basket and the sink full of them and glared at that gloomy fever stuck destitute soul while she swept the floor reticently. Her body and soul still hurt; of illness and of the fresh wounds (a New Year gift!) from the clouts by her beloved husband. I wanted to comfort her, I didn’t. I wanted to lend her help, I didn’t. I wanted to ask her not to do the dishes and I would take care of them myself, I didn’t. I wanted to tell her to take leaves for few more days until she gets fully recovered, I didn’t. I wanted her to take rest but I didn’t tell this too. Moreover,I didn’t offer her any monetary help. I didn’t do anything for her. I simply didn’t.

Few days back I was down with fever, I took complete rest and never got off my bed except for attending nature’s call and to take bath, I was too ill for that. I rested when cold and cough hit me hard, I would gladly take in the homemade soup made by my mother while tucking myself in my cozy bed. I never washed a single glass for two weeks owing to my poor health. I knew I had to take a good care of myself and I did take it.

I could tell her to do the same instead of washing loads of dirty utensils. I could make her go and see a good doctor instead of sweeping approximately 10BHK spaces. I could tell her to have a good diet and good medication instead of moping the floors. I could do so many things but I didn’t do any of it. I delved into her anxiety controlled mind while she sank her hands deep in the phenyl mixed water holding a dry mop in them. I didn’t feel the pain and discomfort that she was going through even though I have been acquainted with the same. Why didn’t I do it? Why can’t we feel the pain for others? Why does it take us ages to utter a single kind word? Why can’t we be just human? Am I the only one or others also go through similar incidences once in a while that forces them do some brainstorming? Do let me know.


13 thoughts on “Inhumanly human

  1. Oh dear …you talk too much like me 😦 I mean so many times I have taken this concise trip ..there are so many incidents where I thought of helping someone and don’t know how at the last moment I refrained from my planned action ..may be the lack of courage or willingness ..could be possible many times when I see an elderly person standing in bus ..I keep thinking of giving them my seat ..until I realize that they have already got down 😦 There are so many ..I don’t even have the list or count 😦

  2. Oh my God!! This is a wonderful one soaked in a question like what we have to do..
    Being human and a human being is too different thing.. Will try to be more human & kind towards all around!! Good one Hema Di.. 🙂

  3. Oh Hema ji! This is a very important topic! I can feel your pain while seeing such situations and still not able to do anything. I have een there. When I was in my teens I always used to see my mother working so hard and multi-tasking like cooking, washing clothes, arranging things etc. So then I started helping my mother in the small works i can do. Like folding clothes, arranging utensils, serving food to family, maggi and tea. I try but can’t help her much! Even I feel same for our maid.who works in 2 other houses, just because she is poor doesn’t mean she has to work irrespective of her health. We often fall in the line between to help or not which freeze our thoughts and we become helpless. Thanks for posting! Just wish that humanity takes rebirth in humans again.

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